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Normal Coverall Cleaning

1. Detergent use detergent with strong detergency, such as Tide, Liby like.

2. The cleaning equipment should be used have a washing machine drying function.

3. engineering services cleaning methods and procedures

Normal Coverall

1)everyone at the stipulated time will dirty clothes in designated locations.

2)level or clean clothes shop owned by their respective cleaning in different regions.

3)shall be classified in batches clean overalls, every laundry amount not to exceed 2/3 of laundry capacity is appropriate.

4)individual dirty clothes, launderers have to manually rub net behind the washing machine is available for cleaning.

5)dirty clothes into the washing machine, add the right amount of detergent, washing machine lid cover.

6)power, turn on the tap switch, power on, set the laundry process, start the laundry.

7)in the first and then the water after completion of dehydration, the washing machine lid off, add 1 bottle (500ml) Lysol (cresol soap) solution, custom clothing is recommended to continue rinsed twice last dewatering, drying.

Normal Coverall

8)After use unplug the power cord, turn off the tap, and hang the washing machine drain side
The hook.

9)Wash clothes after drying, to be sent to the laundry room to dry.

10)folded neatly, if damaged should be repaired (repair should adopt the same cloth). Poor areas and one hundred thousand Workwear by sector and number dispensed in different clean plastic bag, promptly returned to the respective storage areas of the respective departments.

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